How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing is writing that advocate a certain viewpoint. It uses evidence to support claims. It can be as short as a couple of paragraphs. In contrast to a formal essay there are no limits on paragraphs and can include up to three arguments as well as counter-arguments. The key is to take a strong position and have the ability to clearly state your thesis. The thesis can be either a claim or facts, definitions, solutions or call to judgment. The statement must clearly define the writer’s statement of position, and then explain how that is beneficial to the reader.


In order to write an effective argument essay, you must begin by understanding the topic. Based on your own research and knowledge can assist you in coming with the most persuasive argument. When doing it for school or your assignment, it is essential to begin by understanding the opposing side of an argument. It is also beneficial to get expert advice from experts on the subject. These researches will simplify the process of writing for the writer. Here are some tips to write argumentative essays.

1. Find a topic which is trending. There are those who say it’s not a good idea to talk about religious or political issues. However, you can create an argumentative essay on controversial topics, which usually causes heated debate within society. Take a look at a subject that’s hotly debated, such as demonstrators blocking traffic, same-sex unions, or even the dissolution between state and church. It is possible to use these hot topics to argue for either side.

Create a compelling argument for your point of view. Schools should ban smartphones because it would reduce social interaction as well as make them more efficient. It is also possible to argue that banning phones from schools will have an adverse affect on the personal experiences of students. However, the ban can actually boost the amount of learning. Your persuasive essay needs to not only be powerful but also convey your viewpoint. See the examples below for more information. For help in writing a compelling essay that is both convincing and easy to write, you can utilize an article or tutorial.

Understanding the nature and purpose of the argument. Argument is an attempt to convince others. It isn’t about proving the validity of your opinions. The modern media, including social media, tend to think of argument as simply proving the validity of a point. Nevertheless, ancient rhetoricians understood the process of argument as one for seeking out truth, and to prevent conflicts. Effective writers seek truth, and try to convince their readers with evidence.

The evidence

Consider the goal of your essay prior to beginning to write. What will you do to convince the audience to accept your point of view? What makes it more convincing? Discover the most convincing proof in support of your argument. This makes it more convincing. It’s helpful to know both sides of your argument in order to tackle the reader’s issues. Also, create an outline that will help you plan and organize your essay’s structure. Highlight the major points as well as include supporting evidence.

Writing persuasive essays requires strong proof. Your goal is to communicate your point in a concise method. Statistics can help. Strong evidence can be found in the statistical data that can be attributable to studies. This guide for persuasive essay writing will help you understand how to utilize statistics. This guide will allow you in determining what data is suitable as well as what not to include. Once you’ve outlined your essay you will know what each paragraph must contain.

When writing your article it is essential to present the evidence to back up your thesis statement. Use the hard sciences, narration, theorems or anecdotes to back your thesis. An essay that is persuasive must be logically structured and support your argument. Your evidence for persuasive essay writing should be relevant to the subject sentence you are describing and strengthen it. Your essay should be a persuasive argument.

Make use of concrete examples when writing on a topic. Examples can come from different sources like scientific research in books and media. As long as it’s credible the evidence will be convincing the audience. Make sure to cite the source! When you make use of quotes from literary critics, they can prove to be an excellent source of proof. Literature papers can draw on the words of literary critics to the argument, while science papers can draw from data from lab experiments.

The style of writing

Being aware of the differentiators among these types of writing offers many advantages. Although they may not seem like a big deal but they will help you grow as a writer. When it comes to controversial subjects, persuasive writing is often used. In this style of writing, the writer takes a position on a topic and attempts to convince that the reader is in fact the truth of that position. In order to create an argument that is persuasive, you must do extensive investigation.

The reader can decide whether they are correct or not through proving the truth of your argument. Your argument must include logic to support your arguments. The strongest persuasive essays are composed of several types of evidence. Use both hard and soft evidence as well as evidence based from your own experiences. Each paragraph should reinforce and support the topic sentence. If evidence does not support the thesis, you must be certain not to mention evidence contrary to the thesis.

Another good method of writing is using descriptive writing. The descriptive essay will create an image for the reader’s head. If you were on the trail, and it was gravel, the trail would appear almost. The trees on the other side of path could also enhance the quality of the essay. The driving on the interstate is an absolute nightmare due to the heavy traffic and the cars that stretched out as far as you could imagine. Fortunately, traffic speeds were less than that, and it helps the reader visualize the scenery.

A descriptive writing style focuses on information and explanation. This type of writing isn’t as popular but requires that the writer decide on a subject, and then gather proof to prove their point. When writing an expository piece typically, the author begins with an assertion of thesis. Body paragraphs follow along with changes. Additionally, evidence will usually be presented in a body paragraph. Although the conclusion is often the most important element of an essay, it is only one type of writing that is persuasive.


A persuasive essay needs to have strong arguments with a well-defined structure. Select topics that relate to your personal experience and understanding. Or, choose topics that you are able to express your opinions. Prominent examples of persuasive essays address real-life issues, point out the importance of social issues or support a certain position. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter to Birmingham Jail and Hillary Clinton’s Birmingham Jail and Hillary Clinton’s Women’s Rights are Human Rights are two instances of persuasive writing that are outstanding.

The body paragraphs are the core of any persuasive essay, and they present information and arguments to prove the thesis. Effective body paragraphs contain a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. The structure of your paragraph stays focused on the primary point of the argument, is concise and clear, and discusses opposing opinions. In the conclusion of each body paragraph should provide your thesis’s argument and deny the contrary opinion.

Conclusions form the conclusion in persuasive essays. They are supposed to reiterate the thesis statement. Transitional sentences let the reader to follow the writer’s mind from one thought to another. They are a way to tie things together and add meaning to the composition. The persuasive essay should have enough details to persuade the reader to alter their mind. The writer must restate his idea if he fails.

When writing a persuasive essay the final paragraph must encourage readers to do something. It is known as the call to actions. A call to action technique is employed in advertisements, commercials and other forms of advertising and is an effective method for persuasive writing. If the audience has the ability to form an opinion, then they need to be enticed and motivated to take action. The concluding paragraph usually has an action call. The advice will be rejected when the person reading the article fails to act.

Checking for errors

No matter if you’re writing for a college paper or an essay for high school such a check can be crucial to the effectiveness of your essay. Readers often judge your writing on the basis of how you adhere to a set of conventions. These conventions can differ among different kinds of writing to another. It is possible that instructors will not notice syntax-related errors, but can overlook style-related errors. If you’re uncertain of what to do about looking for mistakes in your writing, you can try some of the methods listed below.

An incorrect word can be in many forms, and it can convey a slightly different meaning or even the complete opposite. You could have a misspelling or misplaced prepositions or incorrectly pronounced expressions or words. For avoiding these mistakes be sure to check your spelling-checker or thesaurus. In the same way, you should research the correct standard usage of words and phrases prior to using to write your persuasive essay.

Examine the structure of your essay , and whether or not the essay is written using passive or active verbs. Be sure that the structure of your essay adheres to an established structure. There should be the topic sentence included in every paragraph. Be sure that each paragraph contains an introduction and supporting element which is related to the subject sentence. You should also check for grammar, punctuation, as well as spelling mistakes, as well as your essay’s tone. You should then listen to the essay and ensure that it is understandable.

It’s easier to check your writing if it is done regularly. You can identify the areas that require attention in your writing by using systematic proofreading. You can also use this method to keep your attention on your thoughts while you write. After this is done and are confident, you’ll be able to put your focus on work. This shouldn’t be a lengthy process, but will help you to avoid a lot of stress.

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